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Annual Exhibition


Covering varied subjects like Math, geography, history etc., the Annual Exhibition is a platter of 'Variety' as the various bodies of knowledge are articulated on the exhibition boards. Children dwell upon concepts and then go deeper to find their roots and origins and then formulate an idea or strategy to visually depict their findings in a way that interests the viewer or audience. This in general evokes a liking for study and research and thus makes children to dig the fortune of knowledge more than meets the eye. The craving for knowledge inundates their activities and they become students in the real sense of the term. They learn, they articulate, they visualise, they depict, they portray and thus they proliferate their knowledge. They develop sense of detail and look for the minutest of findings in their areas of research. This forms the beginning for a new rising and sets the tone in which these children begin to think and alters their world view in such a way that we can quite convincingly expect to look for world leaders or world movers to emerge from under the skins of these young brains.