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Electrical, Electronics, Carpentry, Worksmanship and Plumbing

Do we want our children to know about the utilities; do we want them to become servicemen? Not many view these professions as being respectable. However, without these skills it is difficult to live day to day life smoothly. Hence, children are acquainted with these skills in a graded manner so as to ensure that they learn to live self sufficient lives in case they are unable to access the services of the people in these professions.

Given the growth of technology, it is hardly surprising that the need for technical skills continues to grow. According to numerous surveys, jobs in network systems, data communications and other hi-tech fields will be among those showing the greatest growth in years to come.

Students from std VIII to X are encouraged to horne their technical skills in the technical workshop by opening up iron machine, water geysers, mixer and grinder, fans, etc there by arousing their curiosity and inquisitiveness. They are also taken to visit local industries and gain first hand knowledge by seeing and asking questions to the people working there. They also involve themselves in making projects like gas-leak alarm, residential electrical wiring and working model of a water pump raising water from the underground tank to over head tank. Students also involve themselves in carpentry, welding and electrical work.