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History and Geography


History and Geography together are called Social Studies. In fact, Civics and Economics form part of this group of subjects. However, if we were to omit the latter and just keep the focus on History and Geography, the two comprise the study of the previous and existing political climate as well as the state of the land, its features, the form of water bodies, the inhabitants (their demographics) and the phenomena prevailing in general on earth. Together these two subjects make for a complete understanding of the affairs of the world or relevant region and their interdependencies with other adjoining geo-political heavyweights. Together the effect that these two have on other areas of human endeavours can easily be deduced and used for betterment of all inhabitants of earth and its various regions.

To promote the independent study of this rich body of science, the society is engaged in a plethora of activities that seek to inculcate a sense of respect and an inquisitiveness to decipher the happenings in History and the prevailing  geographical events and conditions so as to formulate a knowledge framework to understand the happenings in world affairs in todays times