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Public Speaking, Home Science, Grooming and Etiquettes

Home Science, or the science of a home, includes all the things that concern the person, home, family members and resources .As a field in education it has come a long way since its humble beginnings as a domestic skill oriented courses offering inputs in housekeeping, home decoration, cookery, tailoring etc. Home science education tries to train and educate one to make a perfect interface between all spheres of a person's life. Keeping this in mind the school started with the Home science society for its students. While table etiquettes are taught through all the grades, as students go to higher classes they are taught to prepare hot and cold beverages, healthy snack items, and salads using fresh vegetables and fruits. They are taught to cook regular dishes also. They study and discuss various Indian and International cuisines too. Students get hands on experience in making various food stuffs like Aloe Vera chocolates, sprout salads and nutritional food using seasonal fruits and vegetables. Sweeping and swabbing homes, using washing machines or for that matter cleaning clothes with bare hands, shopping for groceries, maintaining budgets, nutrition studies etc. are introduced to children to make them aware that life is above the playstations and the xboxes. Children are also taught grooming skills as in a finishing school.

Public speaking spooks many; not the students of this society. They take to it as fish takes to water. For that they carry out in depth studies on focused topics and build their knowledge. Reading periodicals, newspapers, watching news from across the globe etc. is a feature of this group of kids. They learn the importance of body language, speech delivery and the nuances of effective public speaking.

Well, the students of this society are cut out to become the most polished and refined individuals in their chosen spheres of work with the added quality of being great homemakers be they gents or ladies.