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Inter School Folk Dance Competition

India is rich in culture. So are other Nations; but India's strength and beauty lies in Her diversity of myriad cultures each of them replete with colours, flavours, aromas, lifestyles, daily routine, occupation, language etal. Their music, art and dance are also distinct though connected in some aspects with regional influences due to their place and era of origin. Folk dances like Gondhal, Lavni, Gavlan, Maharashtrachi Lokdhara, Raas Garba, Bihu, Kuchipidi, Mohiniyattam, Charkula, Karagattam, Balya, Bharud, Tera Tali to name a few reveal the rich cultural ethos of India.

The choreography and art direction bring out the best in the immensely talented children.  Electrifying performances by a lively lot of children, and well done sets cast a magic spell on the audience leaving one and all asking for more.