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Politics and Current Affairs

Politics and current affairs is a study so vast in itself that there are careers that dwell solely on these subjects be it in the media or in research organisations. 1000s of jobs service these spheres on a daily basis in the multitudes of regions worldwide. Findings of the groups of people involved in these vocations are used in various industries to aid decision making in investments, relocation, jobs, both institutionally as well as individually. The students of this society are well read and know in depth about political parties, their ideologies, the constitution, the dynamics of regional parties etc. Some children also develop an understanding of geo-political dynamics involved in regional policy making, their impact on businesses, the economy of nations, currency, balance of trade etc. They also develop a penchant for the understanding of people and cultures and thus derive an ability to develop the qualities of tolerance and co-existence with a myriad other cultures, traditions and backgrounds. All in all, this society seeks to develop such qualities in children that they are equipped for a future that fully comprehends the dynamics of India vis a vis its neighbours and its situations internally. Try asking the children of this group names of some politicians from some popular nations and details of their manifestos. You will be pleasantly surprised to be able to have a mature discussion with them on some topics certainly beyond their age.