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Science and Mathematics


Science and Mathematics are integral parts of our daily life and routine whether we are aware or not. Both these subjects are intricately connected with each other whilst they suffuse the very workings of this world nay the Universe. Understanding of science as well as math cannot happen just around books and screens. It has to necessarily happen in the real world with real world items. It is only then that these subjects and their nuances are best understood. It is through the application that these sciences are comprehended and then tuned to better application. Scientists and mathematicians are born out of such real world fiascos of application of subject dynamics than they are in schools or colleges.

So, we have the Science and Mathematics club that forms the basis of our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) doctrine. It is aimed at providing children a provoking environment that induces thinking, comprehension and application in sciences and maths.

Well, now read on to know what our teachers and students think of these two subjects and the inherent relevance of having such a group of students that apply themselves wholesomely to the learning of these wonderful subjects.


Science in everyday life


Science has metamorphosed the mode of our daily life.  Science has stepped up the tempo of life, it has widened the range of our occupation, extended immensely the limits  of our curiosity, it has increased the ways of utilizing our leisure.  It has given us comforts and amenities undreamt by our forefathers.

As regards our food, science has given us correct ideas of nutritive and calorific value of the food that we take.  Science has started producing synthetic food in the laboratory to supplement our food deficit.  Our knowledge of science has helped us to manufacture dress materials more comfortable, more enduring and in the long run more economical and adjusting to the prevailing environment.

Science has shown us how we can do a greater volume of work in shorter time with less physical strain and sweat.  It has placed at our disposal innumerable labour-saving devices so that life can become far less difficult than it is.  The modern gadgets save us from the drudgery of manual work to recuperate and thus enable us to do much more work with greater output than our ancestors.

In our sickness we feel more than ever the benefits of science.  The physician and the surgeon today are much more sure in their diagnosis of diseases through clinical tests, brain scanning and supersonic devices.  Infectious diseases have been either completely eradicated or brought under control due to better sanitation and sewerage arrangements.

Thus in our daily life science has been of the greatest help and benefits us in a variety of ways.  It is difficult to say how much we owe to science in the affairs of our daily life.  From morning to midnight we are served tirelessly by science and scientific devices


-Subhadra Bhowmick

Vice Principal


Mathematics in everyday life


Mathematics expresses itself everywhere in almost every facet of life, in nature all around us, and in the technologies in our hand.  Mathematics is the language of science and engineering ??? describing our understanding of all that we observe

Waxing eloquently on the basic importance of mathematics in human life, Roger Bacon (1214-1294) an English Philosopher and scholar of the 13th century once stated, ???Neglect of mathematics works injury to all knowledge, since he who is ignorant of it cannot know the other science or the things of the world???.  And the ingenuity of this statement is there before us to see, in this internet era.

At a time when even a common man is being increasingly dependant upon the application of science and technology in the day to day activities of life, the role of mathematics has undoubtedly been redefined.  Right from getting up in the early hours of the day to the ringing  of an alarm, to wait for the counts of whistles of the cooker, to exchange currency at a ticket outlet while availing a public conveyance, almost every  next moment we do the simple calculations at the back our mind. Of course, these are all done pretty unconsciously without a thought being spaced for the use of mathematics on all such occasion.

Reading time on a watch, rounding a date on a calendar, checking up the mileage of your car, halting at a filling station, preparing a recipe in kitchen the list is just endless if one goes on to note down that how important is maths to our life.  At a psychological level, exposure to maths helps in developing an analytic mind and assists in better organization of ideas and accurate expression of thoughts.  Even when we think of role of maths in our recreational activities, we surprisingly have a list that runs quite long, video games, computer games, and riddles and so on.

It ensues from the above discussion that modern life style seems completely handicapped and at times, highly improbable in the absence of mathematics.  For, unless we are well versed in the language of numbers, we would find it difficult to reach at important decisions and perform everyday tasks.  Be it to shop wisely, or buy the right insurance or refashion a home within a budget, knowledge of mathematics holds the key, and hence  barely necessary.

-Sushma Upadhyay