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Social Service, Adventure, First Aid and Disaster Relief


With a view that many individuals are taking to the above set areas as a life long occupation, we felt it best to acquaint children with these disciplines at a young age itself. While children may not be exposed to real life situations in disaster relief or so due to logistical constraints as well as safety issues, they are however exposed to extensive training that people involved in these fraternities undertake in order to effectively discharge their duties in times of heightened need and desperation.

Social service initiatives embolden children and equip them to view the underprivileged sections of the society that they live in with empathy and regard it as their duty to extend a helping hand to uplift the downtrodden. It is about sharing pain at the mental level and affording the cushion of one's tender talk and mitigative measures to ensure that those affected feel comforted and receive succour in the real sense of the term.

The fun element must never be lost. Yet the conquest of one's emotions; of that of strength over fear must be attained. The adventure bug must be allowed to fly bee high nay sore like an eagle. White water rafting, rappeling. river crossing, camping etc. are some of the activities of this dimension of the society. The school also organizes seminars and inter-active sessions with Defence personnel and experts from mountain expeditions. All this builds in students a sense of confidence, courage, adventure spirit etc.

Learning to tend to the physical wounds of one's brethren is of utmost necessity in all forms of the society; be it in urban localities or in rural settings. First aid is like a lifeline to many victims of serious calamities. Not just for one's personal application, the knowledge derived through this systematic study can help save endangered lives and also in the process bring about great satisfaction in the lives of the administrator. It is definitely a very healthy feather to have in one's cap.