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TEJAS - A Sign of Glory

The Annual Celebrations or Annual Festival of the Sri Ma Group of Institutions is christened TEJAS. The word ???TEJAS??? means divine radiance. The motto of the Annual Festival is ???TEJASVI NAVADHEETAMASTU??? in Sanskrit. This means ???Let us Together be Enlightened???: Enlightened by Knowledge of the Real Self.

In the Sri Ma Group of Institutions we believe that Talent when stoked with proper education resulting in Joy of knowledge will yield achievement that in turn will transform the endeavour into a success. Hence, the words: ???TALENT, EDUCATION, JOY, ACHIEVEMENT AND SUCCESS??? form the rays of this sun named TEJAS.

It is on this path that the students of the school are made to trod. These eternal values form the core of a larger set of values that go on to draw the character of a child pursuing education at the Sri Ma Group of Institutions.